Piercing &Jewellery

Instinct Adornment Inc.


Jarilyn began working at the front counter in 2015 and she completed Fakir Intensives Basic Piercer Training in April 2016.

As the fresh, new piercer in the studio, Jarilyn is pleased to offer a selection of piercings at her current lower rate, but don't wait too long as she is progressing quickly.

jenna dittrich, senior piercer

Jenna has been piercing professionally since 1999. She has done basic and advanced training through Fakir Intensives, has her level C First Aid, and Bloodborn Pathogens certificate, as well as having attended the Association for Professional Piercers annual conferences. 
​She is known for her skill and dexterity as much as for her dedication to beautiful, quality piercings and jewellery done at fair prices.

Jenna is a proud member of the Association of Professional Piercers and is dedicated to continuing to learn and develop her knowledge.

Theo williams, piercer

Theo has been a practising paramedic for six years, he brings his strong medical background as a health care professional to the studio.  He has been a consultant to the industry for several years, has completed Fakir Intensives Basic and Advanced Piercing training, and attended workshops at the Association of Professional Piercers 2014 and 2015 conferences. 

Theo  is a proud member of the Association of Professional Piercers and is dedicated to continuing to learn and develop his knowledge.

All of our piercers have internationally recognized training. 
​ Fakir Intensives, the longest running accredited body piercing school in the world offers certificates in Basic and Advanced Body Piercing. www.fakir.org
​ The Association of Professional Piercers offers industry related workshops at their annual conferences.


shanda rae sampson, piercer

Shanda Rae joined the studio in 2008 and after spending nearly 2 years abroad she has returned to Kamloops.  Shanda Rae loves getting to see so many familiar faces.  She completed Fakir Intensives Basic Training in 2011 and Fakir Body Piercing Comprehensive Training in 2015.  Shanda Rae attended the Association of Professional Piercers Conferences in 2009 and 2015.

Her energy, enthusiasm and experience have been missed and we are excited to have her back.